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My Media Server:
What is a Media Server? It is an early attempt at home automation and a connected home. Many big name companies are getting in on the act. Microsoft has produced a special version of Windows called "Home Server". Game consoles such as Wii and Xbox and Playstation have incorporated home networking media solutions. Some of the new set tops boxes (STB's) from video content providers such as DirecTV include media player capability that will access content from your PC or Media Server.

I have settled on two major software packages to implement my home media solution.

GB-PVR is a free Personal Video Recorder (PVR) software. With supported hardware it will record TV shows off the aerial antenna, cable, internet feeds and various forms of satellite. It also has a built in software replacement for Hauppaughs MediaMVP server software. The software can be extended by adding plug-ins.

TVersity is a free media server software that serves video, music and photos using UPNP-AV protocol to a media player. I use D-Link Media Lounge units as my players and they are attached directly to my TV's. TVersity also subscribes to RSS feeds with media attachments, including feeds from Flickr and various blogs.
System Specs:
  • PVR PC: Win2K3, Athlon x2 64 4600+, 1280MB RAM, 40+400 GB HD's, Gigabyte Network
    PVR-250, ATSC-110 digital x2
    GB-PVR v1.2.13 w/SQLite DB
    TVersity Media Server
    Extras: Addepisode 41, Comskip 79.46, EWA 76, Zaptools

  • Server: Win2K3, Athlon x2 64 6000+, 4096MB RAM, 500 GB HD, Gigabyte Network
    VMWare with 5 running images.
Related hardware:
  • D-Link DSM-520 (D-Link Media Lounge) FW 1.04
  • D-Link DSM-320 (D-Link Media Lounge) FW 1.09
  • Hauppaugh MediaMVP
  • Nintendo Wii
I have an archive of older versions of GB-PVR and TVersity. My GB-PVR versions go back to 0.97.07 with copies of EWA back to version 39. My TVersity collection goes back to I have related patches and files as well.


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